Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tsunami Prevention

HELLO EVERYONE. Its a Sunday and im kinda bored. Ive done all my work at home and now its time for some silly thinking.
I have this thought, which all of you might laugh but hear me out first.
I have an idea on how to prevent giant Tsunami waves. Along the coastal line of a continent/country/island, the government should build a 15 meter (judging from the latest waves height in Japan) automatic shield; strong enough to handle the hardest impact of tsunami wave ever recorded in history.

1) How?
Obviously we can't build it ON the beach itself or after the beach. It would be best to build it before the beach, on earth ground for more stability. And of course we won't hide all 15 meters (or more, judging from the Alaska Tsunami waves in 1958 which went up till 914 meters; highest tsunami waves ever recorded in history) of metal shield underground. It will be build with fold-able technology (like the sliding doors in our homes except it goes upwards/downwards).

2) Budget
Yes it sounds ridiculous to build shields in every country considering trillions of miles of shield and the price to pay for. But loosing homes, family and a whole entire city itself cost more than those shield don't you think?

The above is just something i thought of out of no where while sitting on my couch on a Sunday afternoon. After all no one can fool mother nature, can we? Japan builds their buildings base on the anti-earthquake technology which was suppose to defeat quake impact that has ever happened in history but who knows mother nature tops that with a 8.9 mag quake on Friday?

So people read my idea, and if u might, have a good laugh if it is ridiculous but it would be great if the greatest scientist on this planet could figure something out to prevent tidal waves from washing our cities, ain't it? =D

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

the time has come to an END for a NEW BEGINNING

First i would like to let my readers know, im not telling you a story based on the title, but i am explaining to you WHAT the title itself means.

There are 2 ways of seeing it depends if you are a positive or negative person. If you are positive, you will see it in a way where something you do is coming to an end but not exactly 'the end' of the journey, but also a start of the NEXT LEVEL.
Many people do not see it that way. They only focus on 'the end' and not the next level. I personally believe there is always a next level.
You may say, what if we put 'the end' as a job retirement? Yes there is still a next level; even if it means sitting at home, spend more time with your grandchildren, go on a holiday.... as long as your journey continues.

If you are a negative person, you will see the title as the end of A BEGINNING. As in before you even start something, you ended it already. That is a negative way of thinking. You may wonder how is that possible, but it is. There are a lot of people out there who ends things before they even started it. Let's not mention names here. =)

So it all depends how you see things in life. A sentence written can be positive if you look at it this way and negative if you look at it that way.

Cheers to everyone. (hmmm..cheers, i never used that before but...yeahhh ;))

Saturday, August 21, 2010

awesome English

Its a Saturday and i've decided to stay home and do some internet marketing and chill from a whole entire week of stress. I realized i haven't watched TV...especially Astro for a freaking long time so i decided to flip through all the boring channels and came to Asian Food Channel. After 'Chef at Home' which is awesome by the way, 'Ho Chiak' came on. These 2 chinese host was presenting a restaurant and their recommendations in Mandarin. It was nice watching it UNTIL THEY DECIDED TO SPEAK ENGLISH.

Now, if you can't speak proper English, PLEASE do not embarrass everyone. Usually we will blame the Script Writers for the grammar mistakes and of course the producers and directors.. but this time i blame those two idiotic host. Do they think speaking very very broken English on INTERNATIONAL TV is alright? It's freaking horrible. Listen to this.. 'i catch this fish to you' .. in exact accent 'i casht tis fist to hyu' .. the pronunciation is HORRIBLE enough yet they have to add in horrible GRAMMAR.

First the word 'catch' is obviously wrong. Its past tense. You don't hold up a plate of steam fish and use the word 'catch' because its freaking 'caught'. Second, i catch this fish TO you? TO? seriously? I suggest this fellow go back to nursery. Worst part is this other chic has to correct him with her also very horrible English 'weii not To arr... its For' and all the guy can say is 'oops...For you' ... I seriously feel like calling up the damn producer and ask him why on earth he cast two idiots on International TV with horrible English. If you wanna be on the Broadcasting field make sure you are fluent in the language you are speaking. You can feel free to speak the language you are comfortable in. And if you want to speak English make sure your grammar is correct and please get your accent right. We do not care about your SLANG but ACCENT is very important. For example if you can't pronounce Fish properly, DONT EVEN SAY THE WORD if you're gonna pronounce it as FIST. But if you have a chinese slang, go ahead and speak English with that genuine slang....DON'T FAKE YOUR SLANG AND PRETEND LIKE YOU'RE A BLOODY BRITISH OR AMERICAN...that's the WORST anyone can get.

I personally blame the producer for not considering the image of the television program, production and all the crew and i also blame those two idiots for embarrassing all of us. Please get your language and facts right before considering entering the Broadcasting industry.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Humans..... naturally cant get enough

its human nature that we just can't get enough of what we have. EVERYTHING counts... from love, to money to sex to.... just name it..

As a students, when we get good results compared to the previous one, we are still not happy.. coz its human nature.. we alwiz wants more eventhough its more than the previous one...

money is ONE THING everyone cant get enough of.... one day we got from poor, to being rich, we are still not happy, because, we naturally just want more.. we got rich over night, got our dream car, dream house, dream gadgets.. dream whatever, BUT IN THE END, WE STILL DONT FEEL WE GOT ENOUGH.. i dunno why but i guess its just human nature..

LOVE..SEX..LUST.. when we move up from step one, we are already rushing to the next step... we often wonders, ''why cant i get that person?" and we often fantasize bout that person, this and that and all.. BUT when we finally get what we want, something in us just tells us 'you have to get more if it'... and it just makes u want more... one time kiss, you will have bigger lust for the next one..... one time sex, you will have bigger lust for it.. we promise ourself its a ONE-TIME, but it doesnt stay.. we will WANT MORE...

i guess its just human nature to want more of everything goal we have already achieved... its bad, but also good in a way... guess the cure to it to only CONTROL OURSELVES!!

Rash's Birthday party last saturday night

Last Saturday was really fun.. it was Rash's birthday party... and there were LOTZ of people.... met some new friends.. great new friends... and the party was AWESOME... after the party Khai Xian came n fetched me , with lalitha n maalini inside thhe car.. we went all the way to harta mas for supper.... and then head over to lalitha's new condo... my god.... we went swimming the next day and it was FUCKING AWESOME.... my god i havnt swam in MONTHSSS since last yea end... my god..i cant wait for my next swim!!! it was a great weekend...but the weekday was hectic...

Rash's great Birthday party.. great late night out.. and great SWIM!!

Li Hui's Birthday surprise!!

its a great surprise party thrown to li hui yesterday for her birthday!! my god ya'll shud have seen her face... it was a great..happy moment...
ita a in-house party at Maria's.. it was a great party although there are alot of new new new people!! ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY LI HUI!!!

stress and depression!! AGAIN

This week has been a really hectic week. Last week i hardly have any sleep... assignments..assignmets...assignments.... and this week, thank lord ECS research paper is over... for the first time i stayed up till dawn, 6am.. and then slept for 1-2 hours and went to college... and stayed up till 9pm, knock off till 13 hours later...

this week everyone seems stressed out!! everyone is in a really bad mood, tiring mood and stressed out mood... plus we had our speaking test which is finally over.. thank god!! coming up we all have a video shoot for our project... before our FINALS... so yeah everyone will stay in a bad mood till..god knows when!! i hope that wont happen startin tomorrow!!!

furthermore... im getting this new .. thing.. feeling.. in me.. like i am not getting enough of something and .. something in me is just... wanting more of something.. it doesnt make sense i know but.. i dont know how to explain it. coz there is not words for it... love? nah i dun think so.. lust? i think its lust.. BUT FOR WHAT? i am not sure!!! im so confused and i duno what is happening to me.. i think ill start off a good night sleep!!!!